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So the month of January was filled with real brides and engagement shoots from all over the world! From Alice In Wonderland to an engagement shoot in the snow. We have shared so many of our followers stories, and I can’t wait to see what February brings.

Dany and ScottLatara 1

Since the start of the year I have had the chance to speak to so many amazing brides to be! We’ve found out about how they got engaged, their plans for the wedding and asking their advice for anyone who is a little bit nervous about having their photographs taken. Which is something I hear all the time from my own brides in the boutique.

I want to know what you think of Something New: A Blog For The Plus Size Bride — what you think we can do to improve and what we have done well so far! I think the highlight for me is hearing about the love stories and the confidence that our brides felt on their wedding day or during their engagement shoots. Another plus is getting to share so many incredible photographs by such talented photographers from around the world.

I would love to share more photoshoots from the Plus Size boutiques out there! And keep sharing all your beautiful weddings. So please do get in touch via the Submit page on the website.

This year I would like to work with couples on the run up to their wedding day, documenting how they went from being someone’s brand new fiancé/fiancée to someone’s wife. If you would be interested in sharing your wedding Journey please get in touch.


I have so many great ideas that I could do from my own boutique, but I don’t want to bombard you all with Edith & Winston Bridalwear. So if you are a bridal boutique and you want to collaborate or do your own thing, please get in touch.

If you are a bride or a bride to be, please remember that we need your photographer’s permission before we can share your shoot. Also, at this time we don’t accept mobile phone pictures.

So as we move into February, please do get in touch and help me create a blog that is the perfect place for all Plus Size Brides to see and be inspired.

Love Becca





A Sensational Snowy Engagement Shoot – LaTara and Corey.

Today we have our first engagement shoot from America and it features not only a beautiful couple, but a beautiful setting. We are so excited to bring you these images!

Latara 2Latara 4

LaTara chose Kaci Lee Photography to help them celebrate their engagement and capture these stunning images. Taken in Prophecy Creek Park in Ambler, Pennsylvania.

“We chose Prophecy Creek Park partly because I had visited the park before and knew how beautiful it was and partly because our photographer Kaci had been there to shoot weddings and engagement shoots several times and she knew there would be the opportunity to have several different backgrounds all within the same location. We didn’t plan on it snowing while we were there but I am beyond happy that it did. I think it really adds sometimes to the shots.

“We’ve been engaged about 5 months as of now. We got engaged July 20th of last year during a trip to Punta Cana to celebrate our 3 year anniversary and both of our 33rd birthdays (we were born 2 days apart.)”

Latara 5Latara 3


“My advice for any brides who are nervous about their engagement shoots is two fold:

1. Don’t be afraid to glam up! I took the time to have my hair and make up professionally done and picked an outfit that I knew I felt amazing in. That inner confidence will shine through in your pictures.
2. Choose a photographer you feel comfortable with. I had spoken with a few others before we chose Kaci. I found her by far to be the easiest to talk to and to share my insecurities with. I’ve always felt really awkward taking pictures but she made the process so easy and fun because she chose poses for us to make us feel at ease and encouraged us to just sort of have fun together and not worry about the camera.”

Latara 1

We absolutely adore Corey and LaTara and we wish them the most incredible wedding day. Fingers crossed that when the time comes we will get to see all their beautiful photographs! Thank you for letting Something New share your images. xx


Real Wedding: The Perfect Theme – Dany and Scott.

Sometimes the best theme is having no theme and just bringing together all the little things that make you who you are. When you look in from the outside you might think this couple purposely picked a charming fusion of sci-fi and glamour, but for the happy couple Dany and Scott, this was the perfect mix of personalities coming together in marriage.

Dany said ‘I couldn’t say that we had an actual theme for our wedding. Maybe if our theme was things that we like. It was a mish mash of Star Wars, HR Giger, candy skulls, British vs German, blue etc. As Scott is a huge fan of Star Wars, and I am quite partial to it too, Scott had a separate entrance. His groomsmen wore stormtrooper helmets and he had a Darth Vader helmet and cape. They all had lightsabres and entered to the music of the Imperial March played on cellos. We also managed to have some lightsabre duels later on in the evening. Our cake was probably the best representation of our mish mash theme. It had two alien figures as cake toppers and a HR Giger inspired alien pods and landscape tier. Star Wars was again featured on the cake too, as well as our nicknames for each other, love of steampunk, penguins, minions and sugar skulls.’

dany and scott just wedding at eaves hall

dany and Scott

Dany chose the wonderful, award winning Kerry Baker as her make up artist for her special day! Kerry Baker has already been featured on Something New and we are so pleased to be bringing you her work in action!

Dany and Scott

Dany and Scott

Dany and Scott

Dany and Scott

‘We met at Uni more than 10 years ago. We kept appearing in front of each other’s doors, trying to make up some excuse as to why we were there and needed to spend time with the other person. We went to coffee shops to people watch, watched movies (mainly horror and psychological thrillers) and spent hours asking each other the daftest questions. Because of one our first dates being a cinema date to watch Halloween, we decided to name one of the tables after this. All our table names had some meaningful connection to our lives e.g. the place we got engaged, nicknames from parents, games we love playing together etc.’

Dany and Scott

Dany and Scott

‘Dress shopping was an experience that I will never forget. My mum lives in Holland and she really wanted to be part of the whole dress shopping experience, having seen numerous bridal TV shows since we announced our engagement, and us having a very close relationship. So, when I went to visit my mum she had booked us an appointment in what I can only describe as the dress shop for Disney princesses. Not only were they currently filming “Say Yes to the Dress”, but there was a prince charming statue on a white horse and rooms upon rooms of white dresses. It was incredibly overwhelming, and I just felt like I didn’t fit in. Bearing in mind, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted a traditional dress at this point. I had been thinking about coloured dresses, gothic dresses and all sorts of different dresses. But, I wanted to at least try on a “normal” wedding dress to see if I did or did not like this on me. We had a lovely lady bring out several dresses in my size and we tried to organize them from most to least favourite. I tried the first dress on thinking that I liked the top, but it was too glitzy, and I really wasn’t sure about how large the bottom half was. However, it was the one I liked most from the beginning. I remember when I first put it on and stood in front of the mirror and thought “damn, I look good! This actually suits me”. My mum then saw me and started crying. To this day she says it was because I was radiant and happy looking.

I tried on several more dresses, but nothing quite wowed me as much as the first. However, every single dress I tried on looked good. I was surprised that, so many different styles seemed to suit me. I was particularly shocked that the mermaid style looked good on me too. Anyway, we left after the appointment without having bought the dress. Over the next few days my mum and I kept talking about it and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, but I was worried that I had made it better in my head than what it had been. We therefore made a further appointment at the dress shop just to try that dress on, and it felt as amazing as it did the first time. This was going to be my dress. However, the dress shop being in Holland meant that we needed to figure out a way to get the dress to the UK. Unfortunately, there was only a handful of stockists and not a single shop in the UK had the dress.’

Dany and Scott

Dany and Scott

‘I then made an appointment at Louise Perry Bridal, a small shop owned by an extremely friendly and knowledgeable woman. Louise immediately made me feel comfortable and no question or request was too much. I decided then and there that I trusted her and ordered my dress from her. Once my dress arrived, I felt very nervous, bearing in mind I had only tried the dress on twice in Holland, which at that time was a good 8 months ago. Would I still like it? Would it fit? What if I don’t like it anymore? However, I shouldn’t have worried as I possibly fell even more in love with the dress this time around. I felt amazing in it and couldn’t stop looking at myself. I felt comfortable in myself and wanted to get married then and there. There is no specific reason why I chose this particular style over any other, other than because I felt damn good in it’

Dany and Scott just wedding at eaves hall

‘Trust your gut instinct. Nearly everything we did and booked we knew immediately whether it was right for us or not. The first time we saw the venue, I knew it was the one. The first time we saw our photographers, we knew. We even both stumbled across our amazing cake lady and sent each other the link on the same day saying she should make our cake. This way we made sure we had people involved in our wedding that we liked and felt like we could trust.

On the morning of the wedding I was told how calm I was. I honestly think that’s because I did everything I could up until the wedding and then had a mindset of “If something goes wrong, it goes wrong. There’s nothing I can do about it now and I won’t let it effect our day”. The way I saw it, as long as we got married to each other it would be a successful day and anything else is a bonus. Sure we had one or two things go wrong, but nobody noticed them and they really didn’t matter. I got to marry the love of my life, what more could I really want?!’

Photography by Chris Hanley Photography

Make Up by Kerry Baker Mua

Flowers by The Gilded Lily

Wedding Cake by Little Cherry Company

Wedding Venue Eaves Hall



Real Wedding: Romance In Indianapolis – Samantha and Kevin.

Samantha and Kevin
Today’s wedding comes all the way from America! Samantha got in touch and I just had to share this beautiful wedding with you all. Samantha and Kevin were married in June last year at the Broadway UMC, followed by a reception at Fountain Square Theater in Indianapolis.
Samantha and Kevin
Samantha picked an Alfred Angelo gown. She said “I picked it because it made me feel classy with a touch of sassy! I’m not a very confident person normally, and I prefer baggy clothes to hide my insecurities. However, I knew this was MY day to shine, and I was not about to leave anything behind. My dress was a combination of styles, just like my personality, and it made me feel like a movie star – perfect for our theater themed wedding!”
Samantha and Kevin
Samantha and Kevin
Samantha chose an antique theater theme because it was romantic. They loved the idea that the building had so much history behind it, and it’s one of the landmarks of their city. Spending many of their first Indianapolis dates playing duck pin bowling in that building, as well as swing dancing at the theater.
Samantha and KevinSamantha and Kevin 10
“My favorite part of the day? Hands down, it was dancing the night away! After all the traditional things, like pictures and cake, it was nice to just mingle and let loose on the dance floor! Everyone kept requesting my favorite songs, and we even had two people have a dance-off! By the end of the night, everyone was on stage dancing together, just how I had imagined it!”
Samantha chose the wonderful SnapImage Photography by Ginger Smith to capture her special day and we hope that you enjoy these beautiful images.

An Autumnal Engagement Shoot – Melissa and Adam.

Something New’s first ever engagement shoot is an absolute stunner! Melissa and Adam headed out with their amazing photographer Sarah Valentine Photography to Wycoller Country Park.


Melissa said that before the shoot she was feeling really nervous and insecure. She left feeling fantastic, relaxed and ready for her big day!

Melissa and Adam

Lots of brides are scared and often choose not to have an engagement shoot. But it’s always a great way to get to know your wedding photographer. Their signature style, how to pose and stand to get the best natural shots on your wedding day. To those who are a little bit worried Melissa says “Don’t be, I’d planned for days but decided on another outfit at the last minute. But I got there and met up with our photographer, I had fun with my fiance and literally all my worries disappeared. Being in love is the most beautiful thing you can wear, just count to ten and remember you are loved by your husband/wife to be and enjoy yourself!”

Melissa and Adam

Melissa and Adam

Melissa and Adam

Melissa and Adam

We hope that you enjoy these beautiful photographs and we look forward to sharing Melissa’s wedding day with you in 2018!


Real Weddings: Vintage Pastels – Kate and Mark.

Today’s real wedding comes from the heart of Manchester. This beautiful couple fell in love with their venue at a close friend’s wedding and knew it was the one for them. They chose the Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert after being married at St Luke’s by Mark’s dad, who is a deacon at the church, making it a very special occasion.

After such an easy decision to find the perfect venue, finding a colour scheme was not as simple. Kate knew she wanted vintage pastels, but once she found the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses, the rest followed. Including her beautiful bouquet by Dotties Pantry.


With the men dressed by Slater’s, it was just left to Kate to find her own wedding dress. After searching the internet for plus size dresses, Edith & Winston Bridalwear was the first shop she went to. Kate said she felt so welcomed, and so at ease. She tried on about eight dresses, before falling in love with a Callista gown called London. Becca, the owner of the boutique, had chosen it as something a little different to for Kate to try and instantly Kate fell in love with it. She also chose a Rainbow Club veil to finish her look.

Kate said: “It fit me so well, and being conscious about my arms, the matching jacket was perfect and covered them and yet still looked so elegant”.



Kate and Mark chose the wonderful Rebecca Wade Photography to capture her special day. To see more please click on the images below.



Real Wedding: A Beautiful September Wedding – Marta & Sebastian.

Sebastian & Marta

September has arrived and with it, we have a beautiful wedding to share with you. Marta and Sebastian married last September at John the Baptist Church in Raciborz, Poland. Marta described her day as a simple, warm wedding with many of her friends helping to customize her special day.

Sebastian & MartaSebastian & Marta

The warm atmosphere and beautiful wedding day allowed for the perfect, stress free day. Marta says that “Everything went just perfect”. I think you can see from these beautiful pictures how lovely their wedding day really was. With a custom-made gown, Marta was able to describe her vision for the perfect dress. She chose a simple, modest style with a hint of the 1950’s influencing the overall design. Marta says that her day, with the help of her friends, went just as they had wished.

Sebastian-&-Marta-14Sebastian-&-Marta-20Sebastian MartaSebastian MartaSebastian Marta

Marta and her husband met in a pub, where he was a bartender and she was a regular visitor. Sebastian proposed to Marta on Valentine’s Day 2016 on the Piast Castle in Cieszyn, Poland.






Welcoming Sonsie with a sunny, outdoor photoshoot – By Edith & Winston Bridalwear.

Edith & Winston Bridalwear love creating beautiful photoshoots. And what better reason to have a beautiful outdoor shoot than to celebrate the arrival of their newest Plus Size designer – Sonsie.

Sonsie Shoot 5

Why did you choose to bring Sonsie into your boutique?

“We looked at many different specialist Plus Size designers who we thought would fit within our boutique and suit the needs for our brides. In the end Sonsie really stood out to us for not only the structure that comes with one of their gowns, but also their amazing customer service. The dresses arrived about a month ago and we have had a good response from our brides. They are a little bit different to what we already have in store. And so we hope that by having a bigger range we can help more brides than ever fall in love with their dream dress.”

Sonsie Shoot 2Sonsie Shoot 8

Who worked on this beautiful photoshoot?

Photography – Debbie McGregor @captain_deb

Make Up – Kerry Baker MUA

Models – Georgina Horne & Becky Gazeley

Cake – Yvonne’s Cakery

Flowers –Strizz

Venue – Abbeywood Estate




Real Wedding: The ‘Perfect Princess’ Bride – Lynn & Jonathan.

When Lynn was busy organizing her wedding day, she saw the opportunity of a lifetime.  Lynn, like so many other brides at the time, had been disappointed with the lack of choice available for Plus Size brides in her area. But her disappointment also brought the perfect opportunity to find her own wedding dress.

And so Lynn opened Perfect Princess Bridal in Bath. Not only was she able to fulfill her dream of opening her own boutique, but she found ‘the one’. I am so excited to show you her wedding day to Jonathan.

Plus Size Brides - Lynn and Jonathan

Lynn and Jonathan’s wedding day took place on the 1st of September 2016 at Homewood Park in Bath. This cute couple even included their adorable dog Mittens. I love that I can share these lovely photographs with you.

Lynn and Jonathan picked this gorgeous exclusive-use venue as it had enough bedrooms for all their guests to stay, while still offering a cosy and intimate atmosphere. They also loved the beautiful gardens, and as it is a dog friendly venue, they were able to have Mittens with them for the whole day. Lynn and Jonathan also chose a range of entertainment for the day, including a magician, casino and DJ. They really wanted to have a fabulous party.

Plus Size Brides - Lynn and Jonathan

Lynn chose her wedding dress from her own bridal boutique collection after seeing it at a trade show and falling in love. With the help of her seamstress she was able to make the changes she wanted to the bodice of her Allure Woman gown, and what an incredible result!

I love to hear Lynn talk about her wedding dress as it was the perfect choice for her. Lynn said “I was obsessed with the amazing skirt, I wanted something fun and dramatic, something I couldn’t wear again. The bodice was designed to use the existing belt but add sleeves and a bit more sparkle.”

Plus Size Brides - Lynn and Jonathan

Lynn said “When I started shopping for my wedding dress I expected to be able to have the same fabulous experience and choice as everyone else. However I was very quickly disappointed. I found that many boutiques offering ‘plus size’ had very, very few dresses, or only had a couple of size 16s or 18s. With experience in retail, merchandising, marketing and business I saw an opportunity of a lifetime. To be able to offer brides such as myself the experience and choice that I had expected. I was not a nervous bride, and wanted to be able to enjoy my wedding dress shopping, and that is what I aim to offer all my brides when they come to my boutique.”

Plus Size Brides - Lynn and Jonathan

To see more beautiful images from Lynn & Jonathan’s Wedding Day please click on the photographs below.




Who are Edith & Winston Bridalwear?


Who are Edith & Winston Bridalwear?

Edith & Winston Bridalwear are a Plus Size specialist bridal boutique located in Cheshire. We are an award winning bridal boutique who stock a range of designers. Our collection is full of modern designs in sizes 16 – 32. Stockists of Ronald Joyce, Callista and our newest Plus Size designer Sonsie.

So who really are Edith & Winston Bridalwear? Well, let me tell you a little bit more about my little boutique. It’s my own little corner of the Plus Size bridal industry. When I was shopping for my own wedding dress, I experienced first-hand the lack of specialist boutiques across the North-West. And so, I decided to open Edith and Winston Bridalwear. I wanted to shop in a modern boutique, that carried a modern collection, full of fishtails and glittering ballgowns.

When we first opened I was heavily inspired by local boutiques who went out and photographed their designer gowns in their own way. It was important to me that we could produce our own images featuring Plus Size models. And so then my shoots were born and now we work on five or six a year. This helps me show my brides what a gown looks like on a different body shape to that of the models used by the designers. So I am sure you will see plenty of my shoots on Something New, as well as lots of incredible real brides. Please follow our Instagram account here.

Who are our brides?

My amazing brides have come from all over the country, as well as flying in from Ireland and even Abu Dhabi. Our brides come in all shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds and wedding days. They are all here for one thing – to fall in love with their dream dress.

We have a great relationship with all our brides, and we have our own Facebook group where we can chat and they can show each other their wedding pictures. They were a big inspiration to me for starting up Something New. I wanted somewhere to share their amazing weddings, but also to bring them wedding inspiration from bridal boutiques and real brides around the world. This is something they often mention is really lacking in the wedding magazines.


What are Edith & Winston Bridalwear’s Top Tips?

  • Research. The first step for any bride-to-be is research, finding a boutique in your area that carries a collection or selection of gowns sized 18+. There are more specialist boutiques than ever before, but sometimes you may have to do a little bit of travelling to get there.
  • Don’t hold off visiting your chosen bridal boutique. Leaving your first appointment to the last minute is not recommended. Every designer and boutique is different, but here at Edith & Winston Bridalwear our gowns take between 4-5 months depending on the size and length ordered. Brides also need to allow 8-10 weeks once the gown has arrived to have it altered, especially over the busy seasons. Often we can fit in alterations in quicker, but it makes the experience a lot more stressful for the bride.
  • Have fun! A bridal appointment is supposed to be a fun experience and not something to dread. If you find the right boutique and with the right staff, you will have a wonderful and enjoyable time. Don’t ever feel pressured into buying a gown!
  • If you are nervous, call up before hand and have a chat to the shop assistant. Tell them why you are nervous. Hopefully they can help reassure you, or at least be ready to help make your experience a good one when you arrive at your appointment.


We would love you to come and visit Edith & Winston Bridalwear, meet my lovely team and try on my beautiful dresses. I hope that you also enjoy reading Something New.


Love, Becca








Something New, Something for the Plus Size Bride.


Something New is a wedding blog dedicated to the Plus Size Bride. We love everything wedding’s and we really love Plus Size bridal inspiration!

There are so many amazing wedding blogs out there that share lots of beautiful Plus Size brides and their wedding days. But there are hardly any specialty plus size wedding blogs. So let’s change things. Let’s inspire, and be inspired. I want to share all your beautiful wedding days, all your beautiful photo shoots, and direct you to the perfect bridal boutiques for all you brides-to-be.

I decided to start Something New after meeting so many amazing brides-to-be who had found a lack of inspiration within the pages of the bridal magazines. I was a Plus Size bride myself, which led me down the road to opening my own boutique two and a half years ago. Since then, I have noticed how the Plus Size bridal industry has changed, but here in the UK there have only been trickles of inspiration reaching the brides that need it the most. I am a big believer that we can make a change to how the wedding industry treats the Plus Size Bride, one photo shoot at a time.

A bit of disclosure: I own the fabulous (if I do say so myself) Edith & Winston Bridalwear. But this blog is not about my boutique, but all the boutiques who want to make a change. It’s for all the brides who want to share with you how amazing they felt on their wedding day. It’s a place to see the hashtag #plusbrideinspiration and see lots of pretty wedding dresses, perfect for the curvy bride.

So I hope that you stay with us during the first few months while we get going. I hope you find through Edith & Winston’s Instagram all the other amazing blogs and magazines who do feature the Plus Size bride. And I hope that in two years time we will see so much Plus Size Inspiration we will have Pinterest Boards for days.

Lots of Love



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White Rose Graceful the NEW 2018 collection!

White Rose – Graceful are one of the UK’s leading designers when it comes to the Plus Size bride. The new Plus Size collection for 2018 has been, like every collection by White Rose, photographed beautifully. These gowns will be arriving in boutiques in 2018 and you can find a list of local stockists on their website.

White Rose 4White Rose 7White Rose 9

The White Rose Graceful collection is a range of specially structured gowns to available in sizes 18 to 30+.

White Rose 1White Rose 3White Rose 8