Inspiration and Collaboration: A Plus Size Photoshoot by Bloggers Hayley Stewart & Georgina Horne.

When two of the most loved Plus Size bloggers get together what happens? Well, I am not quite sure what Hayley and Georgina get up to behind closed doors, but I imagine it involves laughter, Instagram and plenty of seriously rude jokes. Sometimes though, things get a bit more serious and photoshoots like this are born!

Hayley – Curves and Curls and Georgina – Fuller Figure Fuller Bust are so important to the Plus Size community, and they have an online voice that helps many, many women. They wanted to get together and create something special. Something that brides have been crying out for online. Better representation of the Plus Size body within the bridal industry! Obviously there was only one bridal boutique for the job! (Even if I do say so myself.)

What is better than one beautiful model wearing a dress from Edith & Winston Bridalwear? How about four incredible models?

Plus Size Brides

Plus Size

Introducing Georgina, Tina, Hayley and Yaz!

Now there are so many Plus Size bridal boutiques out there who have been bringing you Plus Size photoshoots, but more needs to be done by the designers especially if the target market is from an 18 to a 32! All bodies need to be represented. That’s why Hayley and Georgina put together this incredible shoot at Sugnall Hall.

Featuring Callista Bride, Sonsie by Veromia, White Rose Graceful and Ronald Joyce. hall

We just love all the incredible images taken by Luna Photography and we hope that the bridal designers will see how important it is to showcase the collections to women of all sizes. Special thanks to Georgina and Hayley for putting together this amazing photoshoot.

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