We would love to hear about your wedding day or your Plus Size photo shoot! So please take the time to read through our guide to submitting.

The first thing you need to do is email us with the following information using our Contact page:

  • Your name and email address.
  • Your wedding venue and date.
  • 5 to 10 images from your wedding day that shows a good portrayal of your wedding day.
  • Confirmation that your wedding has not been submitted to any other blogs/websites/magazines (with the exception of the photographer’s or boutique’s own blog within the past six months.)
  • When submitting engagement shoots and styled shoots please follow the submissions format as above substituting the relevant details as appropriate.
  • Confirmation that you have your photographers permission for the images to be featured in writing.

Should Something New want to review your submission further we will require:

  • 40 to 50 high quality varied photographs – mostly in colour and without watermarks. (Your photographer will be able to help you with this.)
  • We accept submissions via Dropbox only.
  • Something New will send you an Interview for you to complete and return.
  • Details of your photographer and any of the other wedding suppliers that helped you create the perfect day.

Most Importantly.

We need you to ask your photographer’s permission before you submit to Something New. As standard, copyright remains with the photographer. Whilst we do accept submissions from photographers and bridal boutiques, if you are not the bride or groom you will also need to seek their permission before making your Wedding submission as well as the photographers.

Something New will review each and every submission that we receive. Unfortunately we are unable to feature every Wedding and Shoot that we receive.

We will try to respond to all submissions as soon as possible, but if you do not hear from us within 10 working days please feel free to submit your Wedding elsewhere.